QEEG Brainmaps and Written Personal Report

280.00 EUR | 333.54 USD


Brainmaps Brainmaps for download

You receive all brainmaps without report for download.
These brainmaps show brain patterns like: Absolute Power, Coherence, Peak Frequency, Amplitude Asymmetry and Ratios.
There is a basic description added of what these terms mean, but without any individual interpretation.

Written report Written report

is with explanation of the Brainmaps together with an individual interpretation of the brain patterns.
This report can help you to figure out your individual state before, during and after meditation. 


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After your booking we are working on processing your QEEG report. As soon as it is analyzed and written, you will be receiving it to your email.The reports and the consultations are created in a time that is not our regular working hours time.

For the clients who have scheduled the report with the personal consultation, we will be sending the possible appointment time you can choose from to attend. We are happy to contribute to your meditation progress.

With appreciation,
Danijela, Normen and Thomas, your Brainmapping Team